IWW Austin is the Austin, TX branch of the Industrial Workers of the World solidarity union. We strive to assist, mentor, and organize workers across workplaces and industries in the One Big Union.

Mission Statement

We help workers organize their workplaces through peer mentorship and mutual aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join the Austin IWW?
    • Membership is handled nationally, you can join through iww.org and choose Austin as your local branch
  • When and where are the Austin GMB meetings?
    • Meetings are generally conducted every other week, hybrid Zoom and in person. Scheduling is flexible, so check Discord.
  • How do I access the Austin IWW Discord?
  • How do I organize my workplace?
    • Fill out this form with some details about your workplace and one of our External Organizers will reach out to you about unionizing. Being an IWW member is not necessary, access to training sessions and material will be provided for free however, campaigns affiliated with the IWW receive additional resources.
  • Where do my dues go?
    • Half our dues go to the General Headquarters, which can be broken down into three broad categories:
      • Fund our limited paid staff who assist in administration and communication between branches
      • Fund national organizing campaigns
      • Fund infrastructure for local branches (i.e. - websites, comms, training)
    • Half our dues remain with the branch, the distribution of which we vote on during our general meetings
      • Fund campaign expenses
      • Fund travel to conventions
      • Fund IWW social events
  • Who runs the Austin GMB and organizes campaigns?
    • We are a democratically-run solidarity union composed of local worker-organizers. We are workers in Austin like you - we do not have a “union boss”.


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